Hi, I'm Maria.

Photo by Marta Gil Ulldemolins

Photo by Marta Gil Ulldemolins


I am a Spanish painter living and working in Brussels, Belgium.

I am obsessed by the parallels between religious contemplation and the aesthetic experience we encounter when faced with some contemporary art pieces.

My work, as if it was a prayer of sorts, is about contentment, solace and detachment - but is made from a place of hypersensitivity and anxiety. This inherent contradiction is reflective of growing up as a member of the “lost generation” of Spain- highly prepared and pampered people crashing into a post-recession, post-11S world. I understand my practice and the resulting pieces as places where I am in control and, consequently, can play with the idea of letting go of said control.

I work with a process-oriented focus. I try and approach materials in an exploratory and intimate fashion. i am interested in reaching limits where matter is forced to work in ways it is not meant to. Conceptually, I am attracted to organic materials that vary, decay and even disappear with time.

Before committing to my painting practice, I've worked in innovation. I am trained in Product Design, and Contemporary Art History and Visual Culture.