My name is Maria.

You can hire me to think/make something for you.


thinking images


Illustrations, portraits, abstract paintings, surface and pattern design.

thinking products


Conceptual products, from the physical to the digital.

thinking together


La Hora Fetén started in Madrid and now happens in Brussels.

thinking strategies


I have worked with both multinationals and tiny one-person businesses to help them think more creatively.



As a professional in the field of creativity, I approach painting as a daily practice that keeps me supple, fresh and inspired.

A bit like a footballer that runs every day. But with more muffin tops.

Through my abstracts, I am exploring what happens when I provoke a mistake as a cue to be creative.:


I believe in mistakes.
I cultivate my innate clumsiness.
Mistakes shine a light in our lack of control.

I grew up being told that if I worked hard, everything would follow, but what followed was a global recession.

I am a member of a lost generation.
Of those who graduated into a world completely different than the one they trined for.

Amogst the chaos and rubble, here's to the chance we are presented with.
We now get to choose what we want this world to be like.

And I want all my mistakes to be my currency in this new place; like the coins on a dead person's eyes. I choose to venture in this broken, vulnerable new landscape with my f*ck ups ahead of me.


You can browse these visual meditations  and take them home.

I trust they'll keep you inspired and curious.



I can’t say enough good things about Maria. She’s an amazing asset to your business, let her help you envision it, create a strategy to make it grow and just let go. A-MA-ZING!
— Jennifer Dopazo, Brand and Web Designer
After an hour with Maria I launched a new product, moving from the “entrepreneur” part of my business to focus more on the “personal”. Talking with her helped me thinking that I could dare to stir things up a little and see what happened and what my clients would say if I explored other paths.
— Deborah Marín, Writer, Crafter and Entrepreneur
Maria has allowed me to give myself permission to expand the potential of my business without censorship. Maria is my creative trigger!
— Laura Ribas, Sales and Marketing expert
You are brilliant. No exaggeration. And FUN. And irreverent. And adorable. And compassionate.

More confidence and direction = a more successful business and a happier me! No cat joke shame. I embrace my goofiness with pride now, thanks in part to your guidance and love. Yes, LOVE. You heard me. <3
— Natalia Real, Website Superhero
I came up with and fell in love with some great ideas! Her methodology brings a lot of structure and clarity into her clients’ issues! Maria picked up the things I was struggling with and found the perfect words. Maria is an inspiration: she is smart and full of energy! She started something completely different and made the best out of it!
— Hannah Mang, Copywriter

Who the f*ck am I? Glad you asked.


My name is Maria Gil Ulldemolins.

I'm a Catalan living in Brussels.

I am a Product Designer (Central St. Martins, London, '08); a Contemporary Art Theorist (Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid, '11); and almost an artist (Waterford Kamhlaba, Swazilad, '04).

These are things I found to be true:

-Dogs make you a better person (adopt, don't buy).

-Fun is the only effective productivity tip.

-When in doubt, The Beatles.